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A Big Update [May. 11th, 2010|05:08 pm]
Wow, it's been a while.  Let's see... Here are the more important details:

I went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), I got an apartment where I live with two artists, and Sophie the cat, of course... and I got a boyfriend.  I graduated, I got a real job as an actor, I broke up with the boyfriend I had, and I am currently single... but I am dating a couple of guys.  I like them all (there are 4 guys that I go out with regularly), but things are awkward.  Well, maybe things aren't, but I am awkward.  Maybe I don't know how to do relationships... or maybe I'm just not meant to fall in love.

I am content and happy with myself.  I don't actually need to date, and I am contemplating giving it up.  Quinn says that I should just stop if I don't want it, but part of me does want to date so that I won't have to spend my weekends alone.  Plus, it's nice not having to make my own dinner... and paying for it too.

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Twenty Five [Apr. 4th, 2009|01:23 am]

Can I just say how happy and excited I am?  I love all my family and friends, and I am so glad that I've been living for this long!

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Squandering Life [Mar. 21st, 2009|04:37 am]
Some of my friendships have failed, and that makes me very sad.

We as people just keep hurting one another.


We are so broken.

God, will you heal us?

I need so badly to be under the shadow of your wings right now.

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All my fears come spilling out [Jun. 18th, 2008|11:02 pm]

I am so under prepared for AMDA.

I still need to pay my tuition.

I need leotards, a ballet skirt, a pair of character shoes, and character tap shoes.

I need to get a physical.

I need to buy books.

I need to take off of work on Saturday.

I need to pay my bill for my credit card.

I need to send the affidavit back so that I don't get charged for the fraud on my card.

I need to change my address for Block Buster. com

I need to hang out with friends and good people that are in the city, including Carol, Jane from Ukraine, Jenny and Jessa, and Joan.

I need to keep building with the people I've met including all the people I met through the Haven, MSNY, and The Redeemer.

I need to find an apartment that isn't going to cripple my income.

I need to learn how to spend money wisely.


I need to go to Target and get a fan, an extension chord, an ethernet chord, and more wire cube things.
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Falling [Apr. 30th, 2008|01:50 am]
Free falling into loving arms
like a cushion are your steady palms
I run just like a child, you catch me up
And lift me with a tender strength

I look up with tears in my eyes 
and you call them diamonds
you brush them ever so slightly
into your able hands and then
you place each one into the sky
and give it a name
and not one is forgotten

And I'm falling again
into a passionate ocean
The waves running over,
Caressing my skin
And I'm over flowing 
with hope and faith
And I'm falling in the tide
of your goodness and grace

Your smile is like the sun
And it warms my soul
And brings me back to life
It wakes me up from
the dull dead gray
Falling into the wind
and I am blown away

And I am swept away
And I am breathless
And I am beautiful
And I am falling
Into Your Love
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