Annie (swingingonastar) wrote,

A Big Update

Wow, it's been a while.  Let's see... Here are the more important details:

I went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), I got an apartment where I live with two artists, and Sophie the cat, of course... and I got a boyfriend.  I graduated, I got a real job as an actor, I broke up with the boyfriend I had, and I am currently single... but I am dating a couple of guys.  I like them all (there are 4 guys that I go out with regularly), but things are awkward.  Well, maybe things aren't, but I am awkward.  Maybe I don't know how to do relationships... or maybe I'm just not meant to fall in love.

I am content and happy with myself.  I don't actually need to date, and I am contemplating giving it up.  Quinn says that I should just stop if I don't want it, but part of me does want to date so that I won't have to spend my weekends alone.  Plus, it's nice not having to make my own dinner... and paying for it too.

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